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Security Assurance

By assessing device, network, and cloud configurations against predefined checklists, it provides a holistic view of vulnerabilities and compliance gaps. 

Automated Remediation

Our software takes immediate, automated actions to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure compliance. This means that potential threats are neutralized swiftly, reducing the window of opportunity for attackers and minimizing potential damage.

Regulatory Compliance

Clients can effortlessly demonstrate adherence to compliance requirements, streamlining audits and bolstering their reputation for being security-conscious and compliant.

Our Platform

How Our Solutions Support the Different Cyber Functions

Enhancing Threat Detection and Incident Response

By proactively identifying vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues, it arms cybersecurity teams with actionable insights to pre-emptively address threats.

Streamlining Compliance Management

It automates the assessment of configurations against industry regulations and standards, easing the burden of manual audits.

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